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    Embroidery immediately creates an impression of quality and style. It can enhance the professional look of your business and is our most popular choice of decoration.

    Embroidery is the process of sewing a digitised design onto garments. Designs are made up from artwork, printed pictures, letterheads or business cards.

    We can embroider onto most garments/textiles in a variety of areas, ie. chest (breast), sleeve, nape, back and onto trousers/aprons/towels etc.

    Make yourself stand out from the competition with our embroidery.

    An embroidery file will be made from your artwork. For this, there is a one-off set up cost, which will be quoted to you after we receive your artwork.

    We can also produce a  sample before we embroider your garments , so you can check that it is exactly what you want.

    At our Nottingham branch  all our larger embroidery jobs are completed on state of the art embroidery machines by a team of embroiderers with over 50 years of combined experience!

    Each product that we supply is individually checked for compliance with our quality standards. Our goal is to ensure that your products are representative of our highest quality service every time.

    Most garments can be embroidered and it is the only method of decoration suitable for our excellent range of fleeces.

    Most embroidered logos are sized and made for use on the breast of garments but larger embroidered logos can be made for use on the back of garments.

    Some embroidered logos can be made to fit on caps, but this should be specified at the time of ordering.

    Due to the restricted space on caps, not all embroidery logos can be suitably sized to fit.